The Face You Make When Blowing Bubbles

SmutWanter: Aight people here's the story:
SmutWanter: So Al and I started weight training around the start of the year, and over that time became regulars at the gym as well as noticing other regulars there too...both sexes.
Scajman: As most of you know we almost always make up nicknames for people we don't know, and we've logged a pretty good amount of misnomers for the regulars we see.
SmutWanter: So we start coming up with these nicknames based on qualities/features that we notice about these women. Examples...
Scajman: 1) A particularly "jiggly" girl who liked the treadmills. She became "Jiggles." And her collection of tales fell under the title of "The Chronicles of Jiggles."
SmutWanter: 2) A girl that liked to lay on her back and do abs strecths that involved her bouncing her "rear end" up and down on the mat...thus the name "Bounce" came about...fellas you know what I am talking about
Scajman: 3) Saving the best for last, there's a woman who had it all. All the curves in the right places and just the right amount of bounce and jiggle.
Scajman: Paying homage to the particular airy, floaty, roundness of certain features she epitomized we decided that "Bubbles" was the perfect name for her.
SmutWanter: Now hold up there ladies who are probably calling us pigs right about now. We gave nicknames to guys to but just in a NON-sexual way. For instance, "DB or Phil" for the Philsbury doughboy,
SmutWanter: and "NoStretch" for a guy who never stretches before he runs and so we make fun of him in plenty of ways. See there! We don't just name women, we don't discriminate! Anyways, back to the..."BUBBLES"
SmutWanter: So we would see "Bubbles" on a regular basis at the indoor track, running *good memories*, stretching *more good memories*, ab exercises *well you know-*, and so she became the highlight of all gym scenery.
Scajman: Yeah, "Bubbles" was basically a show-stopper for us. It didn't matter what we were doing before she showed up. We would stop and give her all our attention.
Scajman: We didn't have any choice anyway, as we would lose all motor skills in her presence.
SmutWanter: I mean she even wears makeup at the gym. Now that's in a class all of her own. So times goes by, and of course the she kept stopping the show for us, and this became a bit of a routine as we all worked out at the same time.
SmutWanter: Now I don't know if she even noticed us checking her out, even though it was pretty obvious that we were, but it was made a sure thing that we were this past Wednesday with Non..."Cause he is so money"
SmutWanter: On a side note: Eventually we'd have to pass her when running on the track too so she wouldn't notice us checking out her bubbles, and when we would pass her she even smelled good, and no I am not a stalker but remember that
Scajman: Uh huh. Right... so we had just come in for our workout and we were puttin our crap away in the lockers. Bubbles comes walking towards us. She waits patiently behind us as me and Rich were in the way of her locker.
SmutWanter: We didn't know she was behind us though...
SmutWanter: So Al and I are at the lockers talking and joking around, and you remember that scent I told you about? Well for some reason I picked up on it (she was literally right behind us) and I turn around to see, "BUBBLES".
SmutWanter: Of course I turn back around to avoid a long stare.
Scajman: I still hadn't seen her and I just remembered that I had Rich's copy of the Transporter in my bag. I tell him so, and with a certain hurriedness he tells me, "Don't worry, I'll get it later."
SmutWanter: I wave the dvd in a hurriedly motion, and although Al doesn't realize still what is going on, he knows something may be up. Hey, I wanted to be polite and get out of the lady's way, so I didn't want to waste anymore for a dvd.
Scajman: I say to myself, "whatever," and close up my locker. As I pull the key out, I stand up and quickly notice a sweet smell coming from behind me, turning around I was face to face with all her glory.
Scajman: Acheiving sensory overload, right then and there I give her, "THE FACE." =-O
SmutWanter: So Al is left stunned for a couple of seconds and eventually gets the mentally capacity to move about once again, but by this time it was too late, the jig was up. I he walks away from the lockers but still in viewing distance,
SmutWanter: and I soon follow trying not to grin because of the delightful suprise that has just fell before me. So I walk over to Al, and he is still !!!
Scajman: As we stand off within viewing distance, I begin to regain composure and turn to Rich first stating the obvious and then asking for the obvious to be repeated: "That was Bubbles. Did you realize it was Bubbles?"
Scajman: All the while sounding like a four year old boy. But, dammit I'm proud of myself. A lesser man would've creamed his pants.
SmutWanter: "Hahahaha!!!", was what I was doing then, and am still doing now. A smoother more "money" of a man wouldn't have even given her "The Face",
SmutWanter: Instead just struggle to close his locker because all he has on his mind are the wonderful, decadent images of Mrs. Bubbles, and yes I am damn proud of myself as well!
SmutWanter: So I hold Al up now so we could wait and see Bubbles and all of her delight bend over and tend to her things at her locker as I disguisedly tie my sneakers...CLEVER HUH!
Scajman: After getting an eyeful of our divine visitor, she walks away to the forbidden zone of the women's locker room. We regain composure and head to upstairs to the track.
SmutWanter: Although our ability to think has once again presented itself, we still could not tuck away this experience into the treasure chest of other Bubble's memories, and an eventual bet came forth to the surface.
SmutWanter: "The Face" was just to classic to let alone after this one encounter and I felt as though that it needed to once again repeat itself at a later date, but with this future encounter would also involve Al actually speaking.
Scajman: So Rich presented a rather lucrative deal. If I would speak to Bubbles and present "The Face" again during the discussion he would buy me an after workout drink. At $3.50 a pop it was a little too much for me to pass up.
SmutWanter: So at the present time, we did not run into the lovely Bubbles today. Hopefully Monday, the start of a new week she will show her presence and bring cheerful smiles to our faces yet again,
SmutWanter: and this time the stakes are high the next time we see her. Al has a XXL on the line, along with his dignity of not backing down, and not getting rejected with "The Face" being in play. Will he get her number?
SmutWanter: We'll just have to wait and see...
SmutWanter: (entered on 3/19/2004)