If you're looking for JamCam help, you won't find it here. My kindness has run out.


Chronicles of a born delinquent...

      On the written page I have added three stories that I wrote for my blog on Myspace. These stories are from that golden age of embarking upon a new and exciting chapter in my life. Pranks and other craziness unfold as Non Wilder goes to college. Check it out biatches!
Greets to: me. The magnificent bastard.



Effectively ending my film career before it even began...

      On the videos page I have added the final project from my film class that I took this semester. Co-op with xjakex made this possible. We orginally decided to steal the storyline from the Disney film Blank Check on some horribly stupid last-minute "brain-storming" session. However, as you'll see we created a mildly affecting portrait of humanity that reaches across many boundaries to show the depths of a kid getting hit by a car while leisurely riding his bike. We brought audiences to tears when this screened at the film festival. Tears brought on from laughter, to be sure, but still... TEARS. Enjoy. It's the last link on the video page under 'My Stuff'
Greets to: xjakex, J-Wern, J-Hustler aka Youngzero, and of course me.



This is your life...

      On a whim I decided to invite my buds to an AOL chatroom to goof off and catch up. After a couple left we were joined by an unknown "buddy" who had about as much sense as a brick. We turned the freak knob to 11 and well, you'll see what developed... Brick City Mashin'!
Greets to: Paco, Dongo, Smut, Silky (the innocent), and of course me.



So, there's like this Wendy's...

      I've added the real-format video of me and my cohorts going to Wendy's to have a small snack. See it!



So, there's like this story...

      And like it's all about this gym and people go there. Bubbles!! OH SWEET LUSCIOUS BUBBLES!! How I YEARN for you!!!! Bubbles!



Who are you again?

      Wow, it's been a while since I've updated this thing... Anyway, I thought it was really cool that Mazda has teamed up with some toymakers and they've created an Autobot out of an RX-8. Hot sh!t my friends, hot sh!t. See it. I've also updated the POTW and I'm working on explaining The Law of Getting Screwed to you people. It's vital, don't miss it.



Get it on da Flo, Get it, Get it on DA FLO

      New pic of da week is up. Next week I'm posting a rant about The Matrix. I promise it'll be more enlightening than Revolutions. Although, that's not really saying much I guess.

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