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You turn around and life's passed you by...

      Are you going anywhere soon? (Think of me when you're coming down.) I haven't been anywhere in awhile. (Don't look back when leaving town.) Well, there goes the fear again.
New rant in the written section.
(La La La - La La La - La, La, La - La La La, La...)


Surprising lack of depth...

      I hurt my ankle playing B'Ball today but don't cry for me Argentina. SomethingAwful.com cheered me up.



Just saying hi...

      No, really I'm just saying hi. Yeah, they're are some updates. But, I'm sure you can find them. Explore young ones! HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA



I am the wheelman...

      No picture of the week this time around. I decided to put out something better. I've been working on getting some of the older videos I had laying around the comp online. And I'm gonna release one of them today. I'm also working on a Cowboy Bebop music vid and a remake of an Evangelion one I made a little while back to help bolster a college acceptance. (I didn't get in, but it wasn't because of the video). So hit the multimedia section and check out the vid up for screening.

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