Since I'm currently studying Film/Video at Temple University I have a big interest in almost all things video. Here I'll throw up some stuff that I made and even a couple of orphan vids I might find around the net. Much more to come soon...

My Stuff

Catch me if you can
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     This is a music video I created to kick off the site. It's an ode to the Grand Theft Auto series on the PS2. Featuring music by Beanie Sigel, "Gangsta, Gangsta," and footage from both GTA 3 and Vice City, the thug with no name and 80's rude boy Tommy Vercetti get up, and get down in this one.
     Nothing too fancy in the way of editing in this video. I bascially just made it to reacquaint myself with Adobe Premiere. (Which I hadn't used in almost 2 years). Just a few gratuitous transitions here and there. What I really tried to do was merge Sigel's "gun-in-cheek" flow with GTA's "tongue-in-cheek" gameplay. Turn up the volume on this one. [Parental Advisory - Explicit Lyrics]
I bet tha mac milly'll make ya chilly chill...
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    The outakes video for the above. A bad car chase that looks like bumper car madness, numerous scraped knees as Vercetti falls off his bike, and the cruelty of the FBI. I rolled them together and set it to the old "Benny Hill" theme for added hilarity.
Even anti-aliased it still looks like shit.
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    The first in a series of Driver videos that I'm gonna throw on the site. This one is a survivor replay directed by yours truly.
    *ALERT* Do not adjust your monitor when playing this video, as Driver on the PS is one of the most hideous games ever created. The low poly count is shameful and the artistic touch that at least gives certain games character, nonexistent. There are NES games that look better than this shit. Luckily, the game is a blast to play and gaming bliss is blind.
no really, i'm not joking.
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    My friends and I go to Wendy's real late at night and order a very small amount of food. We're diet conscious you see. We have to watch our boyish figures. (I filmed this using night-vision which looks good, but fucks up the frame rate. Don't email me.)
Checks make things a-ok
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    This is my final film project that I forecasted to be a complete and utter train wreck. Well, it didn't turn out that bad. It's more like a minor derailment with only a few casualties. There is other work but this is the only one really worth looking at. It was shot on black and white reversal film using an old Bolex (hand-crank type).

Other People's Stuff

The race is on.
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     Have you ever seen an anime called "Goldenboy?" No? Well then your punk ass needs to get on the ball. This video was done by somebody named Lazy Hoshino. I'm not really sure if the source footage was edited or if the person just set it to music but, the end result was quite good. Get this one and then watch Goldenboy.