This is the part of the site where I rant and you listen or read or whatever...
    Most of the stuff that's gonna be here is gonna be life-related for the most part. I'm gonna be writing about anything that comes to mind though, so look out for something at least once a week.

Video Game Related
Life Related

Name Date Description
Race, race! Die, die? 07.03.2k5     After remembering this story I became quite contemplative about how I've managed to escape serious physical injury over the years.
Chinese Buffet Adversity:
A Bannination Chronicle
06.28.2k5     When you go to dinner, you're a nice, upstanding citizen. When we go to dinner, we up-end the place like you've never seen before. And then get that fuck outta dodge.
Snowball Ninja 06.26.2k5     A ninja must be able to see underneath the underneath. Furthermore, a Snowball Ninja must wail on his opponents relentlessly and without pity.
INTP / Yeah, you know me... 05.29.2k3     This is a little primer on who I am. Not one to be conventional in any way, I'm going to describe myself by reacting to the Myers-Briggs personality type classification that I found for myself. (A little more involved than some can handle. For those that are amused by say... cats farting, read another rant.)
What's Up with Sega? 9.24.2k3     Ever since the hardware abandonment move, Sega (or Sonic Team) has been doing some uncharacteristic things.
The Face You Make While Blowing Bubbles 3.19.2k4     This is an inside joke. And with all my clique 1337ness I will tell you that if you don't know me, you won't get a kick out of this story. Co-authored by Smutwanter and written in an AOL chatroom.